January 14, 2016



At UnSeen Labs, we help people in big and small companies to turn their ideas into reality.

Our approach takes us into amazing projects with the most fascinating companies you can imagine. We are working with their core R&D, building their future products and services.

As we grow, we are looking for new talents to join us in our mission to bring our customers’ vision to reality.

What’s the gadget in the picture above? That’s Loupedeck that we turned from an idea to reality. Read the story here.


Software developers

If you have good programming habits and have any experience in Object Oriented Programming you might be the next one to join #UnSeenCrew.

You may be fresh talent about to finalise your education or seasoned specialist looking for next career challenge. In any case, we got you covered. We give you role and responsibilities suitable for your skill level with exceptional possibilities to grow.

We offer UnSeen opportunities in user interface and engine room running in web, mobile and embedded environments. With us you will have the power.


Take the next step and join us!

Write short informal story about yourself where you are now and what you will be in the future. Extend your story with links to your LinkedIn profile and demonstration of skill (GitHub etc.). You can also send your CV if you prefer.



Want to know more? See what Jussi says about working at UnSeen. #UnSeenCrew

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