Case Solita: Scalable software architecture to reinforce agile data warehousing service

UnSeen Labs defined a new scalable software architecture for agile data warehousing solution, which solves high volumes of data inputting and helps in processing the required type of data effectively. Solita got a clear direction in which to continue with the solution development.

“This was just what we had in mind, a quick and easy project with skillful resources. We received new and fresh opinion how to develop our software solution forward,” says Pasi Jalonen from Solita.

Problem: Agile data buffering

Solita is targeting more into innovating and productizing new software solutions for their clients. The importance of R&D is growing. The innovations are often initiated from client’s needs, but also from inner ideas. At Solita, innovations are supported internally with an innovation program “Kiihdyttämö”, agile methods, lean-thinking and lean start-up methodology.

In the Agile Data project, Solita needs to consume large amounts of data from different sources, and the data needs to be buffered and combined for efficient processing and warehousing. The data sources are typically IoT equipment with large variation in data amount.

Typical challenge in development projects is to find skillful people who are available when needed and have the required time to evaluate all necessary aspects. Outsourcing the development accelerates the schedule when internal experts are not available at the right time.

Solution: Architecture study with agile UnSeen Labs

Developing new services is usually done internally, but to solve the resourcing needs, UnSeen was chosen to co-operate in the project. UnSeen had convinced with a strong experience in R&D, in different technologies including IoT solutions, in generalizing the solutions and combining all this expertise together.

It was easy and quick to start the project with agile UnSeen Labs, where the problem was crystallized at the beginning and the process was easily agreed. During the one-week Labs-time, the research, consideration of the choices and the proposal for the best option for an architecture, were accomplished. The results and a way to proceed were presented to Solita.

Working with UnSeen was easy and the common understanding about the problem to be solved was quickly found. Not much time had to be used to explaining and specification. The work could be started right away and accomplished smoothly, since no time was needed for unnecessary bureaucracy typically required with large companies.

As a solution for the problem, UnSeen created a new scalable service architecture for Cloud File Processing solution, which solves high volumes of data inputting and helps in processing the required type of data effectively.

Results: Clear technical direction for R&D

The project goal was achieved and Solita is satisfied with the fast result. With the software architecture, Solita got a clear technical direction and how to continue with the project. The problems and thoughts were opened in the project and Solita received new and fresh opinion about the solution.

The best about the co-operation was the combination of the strong experience and agile working methods.

“UnSeen has unique combination of technical, R&D and business expertise – wide scope of competence, yet deep know-how. It was easy to find the right angle to the problem to be solved. Not to mention the easy to approachability and co-operability,” says Pasi Jalonen, Solita Agile Data Solutions.

Solita is a digital business consulting and digital services company, who combines business processes, content and technology in a revolutionary way. Solita helps customers to succeed and create new businesses and digital services including service design, agile and lean methods, analytics and cloud services.

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