November 11, 2015

UnSeen Labs™ v1

Turn your idea into reality with UnSeen Labs™

  • Agile way to try out ideas with low risk
  • The best way to try ideas in real world and learn fast
  • Great for prototyping and focused technology experiments

How it works?

UnSeen Labs process

The steps are clearly structured and we enforce them.

  • Kick-off is limited to 2 hours. There we together crystallize the problem definition and the top 2 use cases.
  • In 7 days, UnSeen experts check the architectures and technologies, explore the options, work on a protos and finally put together a proposal.
  • In de-briefing we present the options and give recommendation how to proceed.

What you get?

  • Crystallized problem definition and use cases
  • Solution architecture and options
  • Working prototype if we agreed to build one
  • Proposal how to proceed further, based on the learnings
  • Full ownership of the results

What it costs?

  • 4400 € (vat 0%)

100% satisfaction guarantee

  • No payment if you are not satisfied with the proposal
  • No further purchases required

Contact us now to start your UnSeen Labs™

Call to CEO Esa Alanen, +358 50 4874 092, or please send your message below.

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