September 12, 2017

UnSeen Labs™OLD

Solution to your technology problem in one week



Agile way to try out new ideas without breaking the bank.

Focus on solving one question at a time.

The fastest way to learn.


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What can you do with UnSeen Labs?

It’s a great way to learn what your customers or colleagues really think about your idea. You can use it to reveal untold user insights, find technical solutions and see if your idea has wings.

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Discovery Lab

User insight

Deeper understanding about user needs

  • Find out what users want and need
  • Clarify the users’ needs when not sure about your solution requirements
  • Discover how to deliver high quality experiences for your users
  • Define options to be chosen for further development and experiments
  • Build a foundation for understanding the users’ needs deeper


  • User interviews or research for the chosen 2-5 users
  • User profiles, models creation
  • Suggested options for execution

Proto Lab

Proof-of-concept in one week

When you have an idea, we make it real.

  • Get the proof-of-concept in your hands in one week
  • Minimum time required from your team
  • Turn a fuzzy idea into a concrete case
  • Real proto is better than endless slideware ping-pong
  • Get an expert view on how to proceed

User Lab

User feedback on your proto

We get you the real user feedback on your prototype.

  • Fast insights from users
  • Identify needed improvements and further development
  • Speed up the feedback-learn loop
  • Done by user research professionals – ensuring the right tools and methods

See Customer Stories for examples on how UnSeen Labs has helped people and companies to move their ideas forward.


Business Benefits

Speed up your R&D and innovation – Boost your business with new game-changer ideas.

Multi-technology team at your disposal – No time burnt in coordination.

Test ideas in real environment and customers – Reliable learnings.

Low cost, low risk way to try new ideas – Minimum investment.

You own the IPR – Keep the great ideas yourself.



What it Costs


4800€ per Lab (+ VAT)

100% satisfaction guarantee – No payment if you are not satisfied with the work.

No further purchases required.



CEO Esa Alanen +358 50 4874 092


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