Tommi Pirttilahti adds user insight into innovation processes

Tommi Pirttilahti is working as a User Insight Lead at UnSeen. His passion of bringing together technology and human behavior helps customers in developing products that will make the users smile.

“All customers benefit from user-centered design”, says Tommi. This is how we guarantee that the solutions we develop are suitable for the end-user and that the users are in the center of the development process. In practice, it means interaction and feedback from the users throughout the process. Technology is not a solution before it solves the users’ needs.”


Tommi holds both a MSc in Human-Technology Interaction from University of Tampere, and a BSc in Psychology from University of Groningen, The Netherlands. He wants to develop products that are used every day, making the world a better place for everyone, including himself. Tommi’s interest in human behavior is based on his international experience and spending several years in the Netherlands, Malaysia and Turkey. This made him understand different type of people, different ways of doing things and how different things affect human behavior. In his free time, Tommi enjoys photography and the occasional chance to scuba dive. He is a curious and creative minded and likes to try new things.

“It’s always good to remember to think 360 degrees around the target user. What happens before and after the actual time-of-use? It has material effect to the whole experience, your product design and subsequently to business results. Tommi helps our customers to gain insights through the whole user journey”, says Esa Alanen, UnSeen CEO.

User-centered design can be part of the innovation process in all phases, but the earlier it is included in the process, the more value it will bring to it. This can be done from the beginning of the process to finalizing the product. It can also be used in improving already existing products. Exploring what is important for the user, will help to cut costs in the long run, since development efforts are directed at the features the users actually want to use.

Have you ever found a door, which doesn’t open in the direction you thought? The door may look good, but the user-centered design was not thought through. With a little customer understanding, the product would have been even better. You have an excellent idea, but if you don’t make it customer friendly, you will lose time, money and in the worst case your reputation. You may have invested a lot, but the value for the user is not what was hoped for.

The user-centered design and embracing the user experience is a significant success factor when developing new products and services. Every company should already use this competence. The early adopters will gain competitive advantage, says Tommi.

UnSeen helps companies and people to try new technological ideas quickly and drives the innovation process with agile experiments. Users’ true needs are explored before ideas are prototyped and user experience is evaluated in all phases of development. The ideas are tested as early as possible and solutions are based on user experience.