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Bluetooth is a well-known technology widely used in mobile phones and wireless headphones. It can also be utilized in sending information from a variety of device-, IoT-, and industry applications. It offers a cheap standard of transferring data from sensors or devices.

The most important benefits of Bluetooth are cheap component prices, small power consumption, and an excellent compatibility between devices from different manufacturers. In addition, the mobile device compatibility offers a huge potential for innovation that can make it easier to scale your device idea.

UnSeen is an expert in wireless technology, and we will help your idea achieve its full potential. Starting from a concept we will help you all the way to the end product. We often encounter new Bluetooth ideas working with our client’s projects. We then help by building agile tests which we use to confirm the plausibility of the solution without wasting resources.

Below you will find a short introduction to the possibilities the newest Bluetooth features enable.


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Bluetooth Low Energy


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is meant for applications in which minimizing price and power consumption are important. Since the launch of BLE a large set of ready-to-use cheap devices and solutions with a long battery life have been created. Bluetooth LE-devices can be simple sensors that send measurement data with regular intervals or devices with two-way communication capabilities within both consumer and industrial applications.

BLE is an excellent solution to many different applications. Here are a few examples:

  • Transferring data wirelessly within a range of a few hundred meters.
  • Transferring data from or to an industrial device
  • Configuring another device from a mobile device
  • Building cheap sensors or other smart devices such as heart rate monitors
  • Buying a cheap sensor from a webshop and configuring it to broadcast humidity values

Bluetooth 5

The latest development version, Bluetooth 5, brings with it a few interesting features. First of all, the maximum range can be extended from the earlier 30 meter maximum to a potential of hundreds of meters. Thanks to the increase in range potential use cases increase.

The best possible range is achieved when the two devices have a straight visual contact, without anything in between. Any dividing walls or other barriers/ obstacles decrease the range considerably. To investigate the practical implications we made a series of real life tests: check them out.

Other benefits that Bluetooth 5 offers are an increased data transfer speed (2 Mbit/s) and 8 times larger broadcast capacity.

Bluetooth 5.1

The latest version (5.1) offers the possibility to detect the direction in which another Bluetooth device is. This feature is based on measuring the signals angle of arrival and a specific multi-antenna solution which is present in at least one of the communicating devices.

Using direction information and signal strength, devices can be located relative to each other at even centimetre accuracy in the best cases. With this capability, indoor navigation accuracy can be increased, monitoring device movement can be made better, people can be helped in finding their keys, and completely new solutions can be built.

How could you utilize these features? UnSeen can help you in applying Bluetooth 5.1 and carrying out new ideas!

Bluetooth Mesh

Another significant improvement in Bluetooth technology is the Mesh network topology. It enables multiple devices to build a connection in many directions at once. The devices can thereby convey data from one device to another and move the data through multiple points in order to reach device that are out of range of the initial device that sent the data.

Using this model, a wireless network can be extended further, and multiple forward points can be added to decrease the possibility of errors in data transfer. New points can be added with ease and flexibility. Therefore, an error in one part of the network won’t halt data transfer.

Many devices can be connected without wasting resources by using a central hub.


Bluetooth experimentation created a completely new product

End-to-end understanding on wireless connections

Do you want to start sending data from your device? Do you want to create meaningful data for your clients?

Are you considering using Bluetooth, but are not sure if it fits your device idea? Technological advancement has reduced the resources that are needed and has made many solutions economically tempting.

Technical performance only takes you halfway

In order for your solution to bring you future income, it isn’t enough to have a technologically working and reliable solution. A typical question we get is:

How much will this cost in the end?” You can read about this elephant sized question from our blog.

The solution has to be seen as the sum of its parts, because the different parts involved contribute significantly to the costs involved. In addition to the Bluetooth components, attention must be paid to development, production, and acquisition costs, setup time, employee training, operating costs, data storage costs, analysis and needed system administration.

Understanding the whole brings out the actual value

UnSeen helps by offering an end-to-end solution to the whole chain: sensors, devices, applications, connections to cloud, production, data storage and analytics. We will build an optimal solution by using available components or designing a tailored final solution.

We have a 20-year background in extremely demanding product and solution design and taking them to the market. We work as a technology partner for companies, starting from the initial idea to experimentation, all the way to building the final product and even setting up a supply chain.

If you’re considering using Bluetooth or other wireless technologies contact us and we will help you in achieving your goals!

Benefits for

your company 

+ Deep technological expertise helps to scan through all the possible solutions fast

+ You will get a Bluetooth prototype in a week. You can then test the ideas feasibility in practice

+ The solution and next steps are built with business goals in mind

+ You will receive information about the actual costs of the system

+ The lean development path keeps risks, costs, and time spent to a minimum

+ You will get additional capacity for your organisation: we will do the work in the areas you need more resources and know-how

+ We use the possibilities of the standard; you won’t be vendor locked

+ You will be able to benefit from mainstream technology and Moore’s law and continuing reduction in costs

+ During the project your organization will also gain valuable know-how


If you need help with Bluetooth, contact us!