Cimcorp: Improved reliability in wireless connections

UnSeen Technologies helped Cimcorp to improve the reliability of the wireless connection in complicated manufacturing facilities. Cimcorp is now able to optimize their factory logistics system better and ensure even more reliable connectivity for their customers.

With UnSeen, we are now able to optimize our logistic system in all kinds of manufacturing facilities and meet our customer’s different needs. We ensure the most reliable connectivity for our customers’ benefit,– Jani Tuomola, Product Manager at Cimcorp.


Cimcorp has more than 30 years’ experience of automated robotic solutions for intralogistics on warehouses, distribution centers and tire manufacturing facilities. These complicated buildings with metal structures can be extremely difficult for radio links. To keep the machines running without interruptions, Cimcorp wanted to take the connection reliability to the next level.


Cimcorp’s Monorail transfer system is the fastest transportation system for tire manufacturing. The logistic automation uses wireless connections to transfer data and steer the equipment. An interrupt in the wireless connections could stop the whole production.

We wanted to uplift the reliability of the connections to the new level. To make this possible, we needed deeper knowledge about wireless connections and second opinion about our systems,” tells Tuomola.


UnSeen Technologies’ antenna and radio specialists have been developing wireless connections for over 15 years. We analyzed and found the potential problems, and built guidance of how the wireless components should be installed and configured.

At first, a completely new MIMO-antenna arrangement was developed. The antennas were relocated and configured, so that they could receive the radio signals from different polarization angles.

At the second phase, the wireless connectivity parameters were analyzed thoroughly. Among the other optimizations, the signal levels were optimized to lower levels than before to avoid possible disturbance.

At the end of the project, UnSeen created an installation and set-up guide for the system components in different kinds of environments. Cimcorp is now able to use this knowledge in the coming customer projects.


“The development project with UnSeen made it possible to step in the new level in wireless connections,” says Tuomola.

The radio signal levels clearly improved with parameter optimization and relocation of the antennas. Alongside the development process, Cimcorp could build a datalogger-application to be used in investigating the quality of the connectivity more precisely than before. This helps evaluating the immediate results as well as developing the system further.

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