Cuppla: Scalable software architecture defined in one week

UnSeen Labs helped Cuppla to choose the right software architecture for product development. After architecture selection, a proof-of-concept was created in a quick development project to prove feasibility of the chosen solution.

“UnSeen Labs found just the right solution for us. The project was carried out smoothly and intensely. UnSeen had a clear understanding of resources and time to accomplish optional solutions, and how they would affect to our business.” – Johanna Kartila-Malmivaara, CEO at Cuppla Technology Ltd.


Cuppla Technology is a Finnish start-up in education technology, with a several years’ expertise in global product development for various applications and mobile device management with market leaders. Cuppla is aiming to bring digital innovations into teachers’ and students’ everyday life. Cuppla has been developed together with teachers, parents and digital experts. The software has been tested in Finland as well as abroad, and the feedback has been flattering.

It was clear from the beginning, that Cuppla is aiming to global markets. The Finnish education and technology knowledge is globally appreciated and generates interest throughout the world,” tells Kartila-Malmivaara.

The clients already existed, but scaling the software was challenging. This was a risk concerning global markets. “We decided to find out precisely how the software architecture should be changed and developed so that the scalability would work. This had to be done right away, as we wanted to keep the original schedule,” says Kartila-Malmivaara.


The decision was to use UnSeen Labs for agile and innovative work. This method had convinced Cuppla people previously.

During the first week, UnSeen Labs produced three optional architectures to develop Cuppla further. UnSeen estimated the current architecture, optional solutions and required resources to execute the work. These options were ranked in order. “UnSeen placed themselves in our position boldly and professionally, when recommending the best option for us”, says Kartila-Malmivaara.

The solution option recommended by UnSeen was chosen and the first visible functionality for end-users was implemented in three weeks’ development schedule.

The project was carried out outside the main development team. This ensured that there was no disturbance in the original software development. Only after the chosen option was proved to work, it was assigned to development team. This way it was made sure that development work could continue full speed without fear of a technical risk.


The solution recommended by UnSeen was proven to be just right. “With the quick development project, launching Cuppla to global markets is proceeding just like planned”, says Yafeng Wan, Product Development at Cuppla Technology.

Read more about Cuppla and UnSeen co-project from the Microsoft blog (in Finnish).

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