Moodmetric selected UnSeen for designing the new version of the smart ring

Moodmetric selected UnSeen Technologies as an R&D partner to develop the new version of the Moodmetric stress measurement smart ring. The device contains miniature electronics and has demanding low power requirements. UnSeen’s competence and proven track record in making products convinced Moodmetric.

“It was easy to get started with UnSeen. They are very professional and possess the required skillset. Our device is really small, and the development requires expertise in many areas, such as electronics, embedded systems, mechanical and materials design. We are very excited to work together with them.” says Niina Venho, CEO at Moodmetric.


Moodmetric offers a smart ring with an application to measure stress and recovery, aimed at high performing individuals who want to learn to balance stress effectively. Moodmetric also offers services for organizations that want to provide their employees the best possible working environment and maximize wellbeing at work.

Esa Alanen, CEO at UnSeen Technologies: “Moodmetric has demanding targets in product size and power consumption. Our people love challenges like this and know how to make world class products.”

The smart ring integrates skin conductivity sensor, connectivity, battery and energy management functions in an extremely small form factor. In the new version currently under development, electronics are completely re-designed to use the latest available component versions. Also, a complete rewrite of the embedded software is done, as well as improvements to product mechanics.

The new ring will be available soon, together with the improved Moodmetric application that comes with several new features. The upgraded version of the Moodmetric ring provides longer battery life, which is the most desired feature of the ring. Washing hands with the ring on will not be an issue, since the new ring is water tight. The latest components used in electronics also provide better connectivity and possibilities to add new features in the future.

UnSeen has solid experience in designing new products and taking them to mass production. Product projects cover development from first sketches to prototypes, testing, and finally to a fully functional product. Phased approach with clear milestones make progress transparent.

More information:

Esa Alanen, CEO, UnSeen Technologies, +358 50 4874 092,

Niina Venho, CEO, Moodmetric, +358 40 710 4087,