Does thermal data reveal your next goldmine?

Turn heat information to smart actions

UnSeen introduces, a service turning heat data to valuable information. It can help you create new business or save costs. Mapping and experimenting with new ideas is easy, and you can quickly determine if you can harness temperature changes into a profitable business.

The first tests have been promising. Cameras and data collection have been used in a variety of applications indoors and outdoors, for example in condition monitoring of electric equipment. It can help you achieve cost savings, for example by moving to actual condition based maintenance. On the other hand, up-to-date information from a distant destination can enable a completely new kind approach or level-of-service to be offered to the customers.

The next step for us is to find new applications and business ideas where the idea could be put into practice. Exploring and experimenting with first-stage applications is easy. Installation with magnets, devices working wirelessly, and the data can be analyzed on a customer’s own data platform via an API interface or as a raw file. If you do not have your own data platform or expertise, UnSeen can provide the package and support your needs.

If you see great ideas where to use heat information, click on the link below for more information. Get your ideas forward!