Helena takes UnSeen’s customer success to the next level

Helena Lindberg, Customer Success Manager


We are proud to announce the latest addition to our team: Helena Lindberg is UnSeen’s new Customer Success Manager! Helena helps accelerate UnSeen’s growth by taking our sales and customer success to the next level.

But what kind of person is our new Customer Success Manager? Let’s hear it from Helena herself!

Welcome to UnSeen, it’s so nice to have you on board! Could you tell a little about yourself and your background?

I’m a recently graduated Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management from Tampere. I’ve always wanted to improve my knowledge according to my interests such as technology and project business, product development and circular economy. I feel that my new position at UnSeen now combines all these interests.

My previous working experience includes project management, process development and cost consultation. I have also worked in customer success roles before, and I believe my strong interaction skills will be highly useful at UnSeen.

Your position is new at UnSeen. What kind of daily tasks will your role include?

My key tasks are customer acquisition and sales, sales process development, and customer success and account management. I’m also managing UnSeen’s social media accounts and will be more involved with coordinating our marketing in the future. I’m also contributing to our employer branding and coming recruitments.

I hear your first impression of UnSeen was amazing. Please elaborate!

Yes! Already after the first couple of weeks I can safely say that we have some amazing people here. The UnSeen community is truly inspiring and welcoming – it feels like I’ve already been here for years! I like that even while we’re a varied bunch, we all still speak the same language. Markus and Esa also have an inherently human approach to leadership.

I feel that the people here are truly interested in hearing my thoughts and talking about anything and everything. I’m also positively surprised by UnSeen’s previous projects and fantastic technology solutions. (Read more about our projects and customer experiences here!)

You’re now a couple of weeks in at your new position. What are your expectations for coming weeks and years?

My goal is to improve our sales and contribute to our growth. Personally, I wish to develop myself as a professional in my field and expand my networks. (Be sure to add Helena in your LinkedIn contacts!)

It seems you’re more than ready to begin helping UnSeen’s customers. What kind of issues should they contact you with?

If your business or product has a problem or challenge that needs development work, don’t hesitate to contact me! I would love to chat and find out if we can help you, and I’ll gladly share my thoughts on business development and sustainable growth.

As we all know, there is also life outside of work. What do you do to counterbalance your working life?

I love hanging out with my friends, and every now and then I get involved in all kinds of fun projects. 😀 I’m also a keen jogger, plus I like to take care of my two garden plots.