IoT devices

Great for constrained IoT devices

IoT devices and sensors are often built on very constrained processors and limited battery capacity. The hardware needs to be cost efficient to justify the business case of the IoT solution.

To run IoT solution smoothly and cost efficiently, you need great Device Management tools – It should be easy and efficient to set-up, administrate and update your IoT device fleet.

What’s the problem?

Traditional device management solutions are inefficient for IoT hardware as they are designed for powerful devices like computers and mobile phones. They have loads of memory and plentiful of battery. Connected IoT devices don’t usually have this luxury.

LwM2M is more efficient solution

Lightweight M2M (LwM2M) is an open protocol that has been designed for remote device management and service design for low cost IoT devices. It is built top of Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) that minimize unnecessary data traffic and power consumption.

As an open protocol, it allows you to use hardware flexibly from any vendor. And what’s great, LwM2M provides the specification for service provisioning, data pipeline and end-to-end security at the same time.


Expert in LwM2M

We help to integrate LwM2M technology in your products and services. Our ready-made LwM2M stack is fast and cost efficient to deploy in IoT devices, gateways and servers. Several completed implementations give confidence on the outcome.

LwM2M integration services include

• Integration of the LwM2M to your hardware and back-end service
• IoT application development
• Device management development and customization

Device management

Why UnSeen LWM2M?

We have developed our LwM2M capabilities for a long time. It is the core enabler of our own UnSeen RAZR service that helps our customers try out new NB-IoT ideas in real life in just one week. See more how we came across with LWM2M.


Get your devices and service support natively LwM2M

Lower total development cost with pre-integrated software stack

The shortest time-to-market

Advanced and secure device management enables scalability of your IoT solution

Data pipeline and device management at your own hands

Prevent hardware vendor lock

Experienced partner loads less of your team

Grow your own team competencies


Kickstart your