Connect sensors to the cloud with NB-IoT


Capture the NB-IoT
business opportunity
with agile experiments

NB-IoT is a new, low cost way to connect physical things to the cloud. Innovators will use NB-IoT to build new service concepts, business models and strengthen their competitive advantage.

Agile experiments are the best way to start with new ideas. You learn how new concepts work with real customers in the real world. Working proof-of-concept always speaks more than a bloated slide set.

See how UnSeen Technologies can speed up your NB-IoT innovation!

Quickstart your NB-IoT project

Time-to-value matters in business.
UnSeen RAZR is the fastest way to show the real value of your solution to customers and other stakeholders.
End-to-end integration service cuts time, costs and risks in starting your NB-IoT projects.

Minimize investments in building connections and hardware – Focus on building the customer service and your business.

NB-IoT UnSeen


  1. The fastest time from an idea to making it reality
  2. Agile working mode keeps risks and investments low
  3. Easy way to get protos for your specific NB-IoT use case
  4. Get the data flowing to your cloud as fast as possible
  5. Field-tested NB-IoT technology, no tech studies needed from your team
  6. Proof is better than slides, test the idea in real life with users and partners
  7. You own the IPR


Key features

Quick experiments need great tools. UnSeen RAZR is built for fast starts and easy customization.

– Smallest size NB-IoT plaform with field-tested connectivity.
– On-board GPS and acceleration sensor.
– Easy and cost-efficient modification to your specific needs.
– Integrated antenna with optimum wireless performance.
– Booster antenna options for even higher signal quality.
– REST API for data integration to your cloud.
– Prevent HW vendor lock with LwM2M device management


NB-IoT bands 3, 8, 20
Bluetooth 5
Rigado BMD-340 with ARM® Cortex™-M4F CPU
Acceleration sensor
Integrated antenna (NB-IoT, GPS, Bluetooth)
External booster antenna connectors
Analog/digital I/O
Micro SIM / eSIM
Battery or mains powered
Dimensions 30 x 80 x 10 mm
REST API for data cloud connectivity
LwM2M API (What’s LwM2M? See more details)

Why wireless performance matters?

NB-IoT as a technology provides great RF sensitivity. It is designed for 20dB coverage improvement over 4G LTE.
In IoT use cases, many devices and sensors are buried deep in the buildings, basements or inside metal cases.
Poor signal quality cuts battery lifetime, increases costs and can jeopardize your customer service.

UnSeen RAZR comes with tailor made integrated antenna that compares in performance with typical external antenna.
For even better performance, see our customization options:

Wireless performance

Starter packages



Fastest way to start with readymade NB-IoT hardware and on-board sensors

Tested NB-IoT connectivity
Acceleration sensor
GPS/GNSS location data
Integrated antennas
Standard covers
Data to cloud with REST API
1 prototype


Delivery time 1 week
Travel fee in Europe 1000€


Get prototypes and data for your specific use case. Customization areas:

Add new sensors and hardware
Firmware and algorithms development
Industrial Design
Custom covers
Cloud backend and UI development
0.5 day antenna consultation
3 prototypes


Delivery time 4 weeks
Travel fee in Europe 2000€


Further prototypes and development:

Extra prototypes 250€
Industrial design
Sourcing & supply chain
Antenna customization

Quickstart your NB-IoT project Now.

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