Meet us

Ari Minkkinen, our sales director, connects customers’ business targets, wildest tech ideas and the capable hands of UnSeen development team. Ari has already worked +15 years with customers, technology and business development.

While out-of-office, Ari spends time with his family, sports activities and learning new skills. The latest educative project to mention was an isolated and acoustically optimized home theater design, which started from hand-made custom speakers.

As you can see, all technical and motorized gadgets are close to Ari’s heart: he has gotten his hands dirty with software coding as well as with a soldering iron.

Mika Lifflander, Lead SW Developer, Scrum Master and UnSeen’s first employee. He has over 10 years experience in developing embedded SW in areas such as production testing and modem control.

Mika works in customer SW projects with various programming languages, mainly in cloud and user interface. He is also fluent in architecture and database design. Mika is a board member at UnSeen.

In addition to Scrum master, Mika has also a barista certificate. At home he has a rottweiler.

Mikko Kallatsa, Lead Electronics Engineer with a solid product making background from Nokia. He has a Master’s degree in electronics engineering and additional studies on SW development.

His skillset spans from initial component selection and PCB design to soldering it all together and bringing it alive with embedded software. This makes him a core person for various projects at UnSeen Labs.

Off duty, Mikko enjoys his days being a husband and a father. He loves photography and enjoys a cup of coffee by the campfire somewhere in the forest.

Mojtaba Ahmadi, SW Developer who’s finalizing his Master’s thesis in information technology at TAMK. He has 4 years’ experience in software development and network administration.

At UnSeen, Moji is developing web and cloud applications in customer projects. His ambition is to grow to a SW architect role, which makes him eager to further learn about design patterns and methodologies.

He’s interested in getting to know new cultures, photography and travelling. Moji’s dream vacation would be a biking tour of Finland and the rest of Europe.


Petteri Ruutinen, software developer with almost 20 years experience. During his Nokia years Petteri has worked in all levels of mobile SW, from applications down to device drivers. He has analyzed over 10000 devices returned from the field.

Currently Petteri is developing PC, embedded and full-stack web software. His long experience and hard-working attitude make him a perfect fit to almost any SW team.

During free time, he enjoys the nature. Introducing his son to fishing is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Petteri is the only one at UnSeen who has encountered a wild bear, which happened during a trekking trip in Alaska.

Juhani Hakosalo, SW Developer with 20 years of Nokia background in software development, project management and specification. At UnSeen he’s developing mobile and web applications.

Juhani is a passionate programmer so also his free time is spent on open-source SW projects, lately in IOT and location areas. He still has his old Commodore 64 and occasionally plays the games he wrote for it at the age of 15.

Additional hobby for Juhani is geocaching which uses a multi-billion-dollar satellite system to find pieces of Tupperware in obscure locations.

Markus Rauman, Chairman of the Board, executive officer and co-founder. He’s a product development and productization expert. During his 16 years at Nokia he led four product programs to the markets, including Nokia E7 Communicator and Lumia 650.

Now at UnSeen, Markus is using his expertise to turn challenging customer ideas into visible products.

Markus loves challenges, also in his free time. He is passionate in finding unseen, creative ways – be it in cooking, fixing or building something usefull. He will build his own HiFi speakers one day.

Esa Alanen, CEO who helps customers forward with new ideas and solutions. He has over 15 years experience in concepting new products and bringing them to international markets.

During all his career, he has led projects which combine customer understanding, design and newest technology into products. Esa is an inventor who can build completely new things out of existing blocks.

Some years ago Esa donated his Twitter account to European Space Agency and now @esa is keeping you posted on European space activities.