Product development

The sense of hardware

Products and services today, are dependent on not only software but also hardware, sensors and wireless connectivity. In the core of IoT is the THING. It is the key loop in the chain that is often the most understandable to your customer. It’s the bit that provides the essential piece of information for AI.
Hardware and software are the heart and soul for your product.

To get your solution working well, it must meet a bunch of contradictory requirements. It has to be beautiful, small, undeniably reliable, innovative, easy to use, wireless, low cost, easily customizable and producible in mass volumes. At this point, the way requires a wide range of experience.
We bring the sense of hardware into your project.

We take your product to the market

We offer product design services from concept creation all the way to turn-key projects. We turn your proof-of-concept to a product that can be shipped to global markets.

Our capability areas

Hardware design

System design
Industrial design

Wireless connectivity


Supply chain

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Supply chain
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