Productization – from idea to revenue

Modern technologies open many opportunities for developing new business, creating competitive advantage and adding value to the customers. Even the best concepts do not increase your bottom line, however, unless you carry them through. You can turn ideas into revenue when you have a practical solution, whether product or service, that is easy to sell and buy. UnSeen is your trusted partner when you want to turn your technological or business idea into a successful and sellable product or service.

Attractive solutions that are easy to buy

Whether working on a software or hardware solution, or a combination of both, the journey from idea to success requires know-how and solid customer understanding. The UnSeen productization process combines both these aspects and results in a winning solution that potentially spins your business on an unprecedented growth track.

During our productization process, we hone your idea into a solution that produces genuine value to your customer and is a win-win for both you and your customer. While doing so, we also make sure that the solution is scalable for future growth. To do all this, we utilize agile development methods and rapid experimentation.

Customer-driven productization

Everything we do is based on solid customer understanding and researched information. When we use verified data instead of guesswork, the productization process is straightforward and we steer clear of wasted time and money.

If you want, we will guide you through the process from start to finish – from initial idea concept creation to launching the developed solution onto the market. We also help with dedicated deep dives during the design and development phases.