Software development

You only pay for what you’ve ordered

We develop software with a professional effectiveness and modern practices.
To put it simply, you can expect the following:

1. The software works as it should

2. The project stays on schedule and budget

3. You own the created software

From vision to reality

You know what you want to accomplish. We have a clear path to achieving it.

First, we establish an understanding of your idea and interview the end users. After this our experts will be able to form practical steps in order to create user stories.

Together we can choose the most valuable story and build a prototype based on it. You will be able to use the prototype as long as you need to and the collected feedback will be used to develop the final solution.

The implementation will be carried out in steps, based on the importance of each feature. This approach guarantees that we provide the greatest benefit for your client and you receive the best value for your money.

Form the user experience first

Our first task is to design the user experience.  Implementing it as an after thought usually results in painful expenses.

As a result you will not only receive a beautiful user interface, but the work also establishes priceless knowledge about your user base and the most important features for your product.

According to a well-known estimate, only 50% of a software products features are used.

We often create a clickable prototype, which doesn’t need a line of code to function. With it, testing your idea is made fast and easy. Learn more about our approach to user experience.



Software within schedule and budget

We use the Agile Scrum method to organize our development into easily understandable steps. In addition, the approach gives you a clear way to keep up with your budget, which holds throughout the steps.

After each step the outcome of development is something that works and can be handed over to the client to be tested and evaluated.

Each step results in new acknowledgements, which can be used to correct the path of the development. That is why our projects always hit the target.

Development services

We implement client specific software projects for the cloud, mobile platforms and embedded systems. Our team can work as a separate unit or as part of a client’s own workforce. In addition, we offer maintenance services for cloud solutions that we have implemented.

We use modern technologies, which have a long life cycle expectation. We work platform independently and provide solutions to the environment of your choice. This guarantees that you don’t get stuck with one development partner.

Our customers