UnSeen Labs™


Would you like to know how far your idea can fly?

The world is full of great ideas, but too many of them do not proceed or reach their full potential. UnSeen Labs is the best way to take your idea forward.

Prototypes should not be built only for R&D team. You can use them to learn about business models, sales potential and fine-tune your marketing message. How many of your customers would buy the product? How you could improve the product to increase the attach rate?

Proof-of-concept reveals what customers or colleagues really think about it. You’ll hear untold insights and find ideas you wouldn’t ever come up yourself. And first of all, you’ll get real business data points before making major investment decisions.

See if your idea has wings.


How does it work?

UnSeen Labs has clearly defined steps. It keeps everybody focused and time is not spent with obscure side tracks.

Kick-off meeting takes maximum 2 hours of your team’s time. In the meeting, we’ll define the most important thing to study and drop all non-essential. This enforces to crystallize the problem and makes it easier to understand. Longer meetings waste your time, degrade the ideas unnecessarily and make them more complex to solve.

In the project phase we do the work.
Our multi-technology team works on the solution and the outcome is a prototype on your idea.
In the debriefing, we’ll go through the solution options and give a proposal on how to continue.

UnSeen Labs steps

8 Business

  1. Boost your business with new game changer ideas.
  2. Better than slides – Nobody reads emails when you show the prototype.
  3. Test ideas with real customers – More reliable learnings.
  4. Get multi-technology team in use at once – Less time burnt in coordination.
  5. Minimal bureaucracy – Less workload for your team.
  6. Your organization learn lean startup way-of working
  7. You own the IPR – Keep the great ideas yourself.
  8. Experiment with low risk – Money-back guarantee.

UnSeen Labs S


1 week Labs project
Solving the most important problem first
Multi-technology team
You get prototype

UnSeen Labs M


4 week Labs project
Take the idea further
Create a more advanced prototype
E.g. device + data transfer to cloud

100% Satisfaction guarantee

No payment if you’re not happy of the results
The price doesn’t assume further projects
International travel and material costs will be added on cost basis
Prices VAT 0%

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