UnSeen RAZR speeds up NB-IoT projects radically

Telecom operators are taking new Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) wireless connectivity technology into use globally this year. NB-IoT is built to serve machine-to-machine data transfer over cellular networks. It reduces significantly solution total costs and battery consumption compared to traditional GSM and 3G based connections.

Companies understand today, that to stay competitive, they must take steps towards digital era and introduce new services. However, there is usually lack of understanding what are the best applications, what new business models can be introduced and what is the value of factual benefits for the customers?

UnSeen RAZR lowers the barrier to start NB-IoT related projects. The first experiments will be in use just one week from the start.

The service model is based on agile experiments which are familiar from lean start-up culture and readymade technology platform. It is more valuable to test ideas as fast as possible in real life, than build large scale desk studies or presentations.

Turning innovative ideas into use quickly

NB-IoT enables connectivity directly with telecom operators’ data network without cables or separate wireless gateways. Innovations can go way beyond the usual sensors or machine connectivity. With lower total costs, vast number of new use cases become viable in business terms.

For innovators, this opens ways to design completely new services and business models. For example, a safety helmet can scan for dangerous gases and run an alert for the whole personnel at the working site. Or you can develop a connected, battery powered lock, that makes note if it has been broken.


UnSeen RAZR is end-to-end service that makes it easy to start NB-IoT innovation projects. The service cuts down the time, risks and cost on these exercises. Time consuming pinball with ideas between management and R&D teams is multifold more expensive than agile experiments.

”NB-IoT is similar change for devices what happened to people with digital cellular telephony. The technology achieved the level, which solved optimally human communication problem”, says Esa Alanen, CEO of UnSeen Technologies.

Agile experiments need great tools

Innovations on this area are versatile, and usually they have own specific approach. This sets requirements for customization of the solution. UnSeen RAZR has been built for easy hardware and software customization for variety of use cases.

The solution consists of field tested hardware platform, highly reliable connection and ready data interface for cloud service development. This is the fastest way to get started with testing the service concept and evaluating the benefits with real customers.

The service quality is directly dependent on the reliability of the wireless connections. Poor, unreliable radio signal runs the battery out faster, increases costs and in the worst case, jeopardizes your service for the customer.

“The platform comes with tailor made integrated antenna that compares in performance with typical external antennas. This makes connections easy, reliable and cost efficient. For more challenging use cases, you can use optimized booster antennas. With reliable antenna simulations and tests, we can ensure the best NB-IoT signal sensitivity in the world”, says Jukka Sjöstedt from Radientum.


First NB-IoT applications are in the use

Telecom operators are rolling out NB-IoT technology globally in their networks and there are numerous pilot projects in the use already. UnSeen has built multiple commercial pilot solutions for industrial customers as well as new start-ups.

In June 2017, UnSeen developed the technology for the first pilot project data transfer in DNA live network. More details on the project here.

Introduction to UnSeen RAZR: https://www.unseen.fi/nb-iot


Further details
Esa Alanen, CEO UnSeen Technologies Ltd, +358 50 4874 092, esa.alanen@unseen.fi
Jukka Sjostedt, CEO Radientum Ltd, +358 40 5013 535 jukka.sjostedt@radientum.fi