“Usually there is no bit of an idea on customer reception on the idea.

That’s why we test business angle of an idea as fast as possible with real customers.”

Esa Alanen
CEO UnSeen


Do you afford guesswork?

End users are the best roadmap to lucrative innovation. With outdated customer information, you’re lost for good. Properly designed and tested (business) prototype accumulates facts for decision making and reveals the real problems of the idea at an early stage. This allows you to fine-tune your product, marketing message, and business model before the big investments are locked.

Is your company too fast?

A rapidly changing world requires a rapid innovation cycle. We boos our customers’ innovation development processes stolen from startups. The faster we run the build-measure-learn cycle, the faster products find the right shape, users pay better for them, and the competitive edge grows.

Do you love the problem or the solution?

We don’t need the solution specification to start with. We want to find the underlying problems and the right path to solve them. We boldly suggest a route and, if necessary, a change of direction.

Can you keep up thru the game?

If an idea is tested nimbly, it would be foolish to implement it sluggishly. We support our customers all the way from ideation through testing to the complete implementation of the project. And on the wayhelp to incorporate modern development methods into everyday life.

No-risk R&D – does it exist?

The euros invested at the beginning of the product development process bring savings at the end. When the idea is tested smartly and with modern methods, the technical implementation is done painlessly without any unpleasantly expensive surprises and the product hits the target customer.

Where software meets sense of hardware?

The soul of today’s products and innovations is in software, but often their heart beats in devices and wireless connections. We master them all.

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