Case Loupedeck: Agile product concepting enabled 360 000€ crowd funding

UnSeen Labs developed the product concept from idea to final prototype using agile, iterative and user-centric design. After successfull crowd-funding campaign, we built the final product and ramped up mass production.

UnSeen has solid experience in designing new products and taking them to mass production and global markets,” Mikko Kesti, now CEO of Loupedeck, concludes.


Mikko Kesti, an avid photo hobbyist, was looking for a solution to help with editing large number of  photos in Adobe Lightroom™. Mikko came up with an brilliant idea of a DJ-Mixer for photographs and needed quick and easy prototyping to find out if it is possible to implement. 

The first question was if it was possible to control Adobe Lightroom™ without a mouse in such a way that it would be helpful for professional photographers. Editing photos takes lots of time, is ergonomically poor and leaves a lot of the potential of the software unused. The aim was to solve the question quickly and without a massive budget.

The prototype turned out to be feasible and the product design was iterated in user-centric way. The photo editing console was developed from concept to reality in cooperation with experienced UnSeen team. With help of the fully working product prototype, applying funding was made possible for Loupedeck.


After the problem was crystallized, UnSeen Labs created the first prototype in only seven days. One use case was picked to be solved, how to adjust contrast in a photo. The best options to plug in the device was using USB MIDI connection. The next thing to solve was to pick-up the pieces to build on. Finally, the crafty prototype proved it worked, the Adobe Lightroom™ could be used without a mouse!












The second prototype was built for user testing. Professional photographers and photo hobbyists were interviewed and observed in their actual work. The users had the freedom to move the knobs and buttons around and gave feedback what functions would be needed to perfect their workflow. The product is built around these insights. Totally 75 hours of feedback and 8 in-depth interviews were carried out. The first indications of market appeal were proved, when some of the users wanted to keep the proto after the test, as it was already helping their editing process.



The final prototype was beautifully designed, 3D printed, handcrafted fully functional device, which could also be used to film the introductory videos and other marketing material. The Loupedeck photo editing console prototype was launched in crowd funding campaign to find out if customers are willing to spend money on the product. The campaign was great success and collected over 360 000 € as pre-purchases and attracted over 1400 paying customers from 60 countries.

After the crowd funding campaign, UnSeen took care of the full hardware and software product development and creation of mass production capability. Product shipments started in June 2017.










For more information, please contact: CEO Esa Alanen +358 50 4874 092, or go to UnSeen Labs to see how you can move your innovations forward.

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