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Proof-of-concept in one week
User experience research
Concept SW & HW design
Service design

Software development

Full stack and architecture design
Embedded software
Cloud services
Mobile applications

Product development

Turn-key product design
Industrial design
Device hardware and mechanics
Supply chain and production

UnSeen Labs™

Solution to your tech problem in one week

We believe that the world is full of great ideas, but too many of them never see the light. We want to help people to take their ideas further and try them in real world.

The best way to take the first step is to build an experiment. UnSeen Labs is perfect tool for it.

An experiment is always a success.
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  • 2 hours of your time
    Crystallize the problem

  • Multi-technology team
    Clear deadline

  • Prototype or proof-of-concept
    Implementation options and proposal

  • No bill if you're not happy
    You own the results and IPR

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