Bold, service-oriented, and customer-centric

We innovate unprecedented solutions and simplify the complex with a focus on usability. We bring ideas and alternatives to the table, allowing you to choose the best path to realize your idea and explore its business potential.

We combine business understanding with development expertise, ensuring a cost-effective balance between customer experience, business goals, and the necessary technological solutions in your product or service. We help your project or idea progress, regardless of its stage in the lifecycle.

What do you truly desire?

Our services

Productization and Product Management

We help flexibly and with a low threshold in all stages of productization, from the early steps to problem-solving. Productization built on a sustainable foundation is close to our hearts.

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Software Development and Data

We undertake development work and seek benefits from data either as an independent development team or by providing experts directly to your project.

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Service Design and User Experience

At the core of technological service design is creating a service or product that strikes a cost-effective balance between customer experience, service provider’s business, and the necessary technological solution.

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We are happy to share our experience and strategic expertise when you need a new perspective and assistance with pressing business and technology challenges or need software developers or other team roles to strengthen your development team.

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UnSeen Buzz – Crystallizer

There are situations where the business need or idea is not yet concrete and structured enough to start advancing its solution. To find the path to a solution, the problem must first be formulated.

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Preproductization – UnSeen Labs

Preproductization is a test-driven business and technology design service. The idea is to offer better precision and predictability for productization. With proven customer interest, marketability and technical readiness, you have proof points for investment decision.

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From our customers

Starting almost from scratch, we have reached a point where we are developing features using AI every day. So, things have been set in motion, and you can see how development progresses every week. We are still in the early stages, but this initial spark has been very important in order to get started with concrete steps and not just stay dreaming.

Harri Kallio
Chief Product Officer, ADE Insights Oy

It was crystal clear to UnSeen what to do and how to get it done. They gained a very good understanding of our business and that of our customers.

Pasi Majakangas
Director, Digital Business, Geomachine Oy