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The pitfalls of innovation

There are great new ideas all around, but old school processes can consume them before their prime time.
Everyday business commitments can eat up 97% of your time while leaving only 3% for the innovation.
On the other hand, great technical achievement might not make the grade if business model, usability or marketing message doesn’t come together just right.

How could you see the business effect of the project beforehand? Like in in crystal ball?
Winners in the digital world are the ones who’s product development is forward-looking, fact based and fast.

UnSeen champions
agile product development

We help our customers by using lean startup methods in product development. We’ll progress as quickly as possible into tests with real users to reveal feedback and real business numbers already in early phases. This gives you an opportunity see the response in advance and react proactively before large investments

We work with our customers as strategic long-term R&D partner and speed-up the product development.

See if you share the same principles how we’re working

In our work, we combine business driven approach with software and sense of hardware in an unique way. We know the modern technologies and master the best ways to use them. We work either as an independent team or as part of customer’s team.

Agile methods and lean practices are a megatrend which is here to stay. We’re all-in with that, enjoying to work with new ways. We offer our customers satisfaction guarant, although there hasn’t been need for that. So far, we’ve always met the expectations of our customers.

Our services

UnSeen Labs™

R&D as part of customer’s team

R&D as an independent team


100% satisfaction guarantee



Solution to your –
technology problem in one week

We believe that the world is full of great ideas, but too many of them never see the light. We want to help people to take their ideas forward and try out them in real world.

The best way to start is to build an experiment. UnSeen Labs is perfect tool for that.

Experiment is always a success – see if your idea has wings!

UnSeen Labs™


Kick-off meeting2 hours of your time
Crystallize the problem


7 days technology studyMulti-technology team
Clear deadline


De-briefing meetingPrototype or proof-of-concept
Implementation options and proposal


100% satisfaction guaranteeNo bill if you're not happy
You own the results and IPR

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