Business and technology design – UnSeen Labs

Would you like better accuracy and predictability in productization? With UnSeen Labs, we identify your customers and their needs, conceptualize the best solutions, and assist in testing them before making a significant investment decision.

Functional and Tested Productization Process

Typically, our productization process at UnSeen Labs follows a path where we first identify what resonates with your customers and what they are willing to pay for. In practice, we gather evidence of customer interest and solution viability. The result is a commercial concept and feature specification.

However, this specification does not address the technical implementation. Next, we consider the details from a technological perspective, aiming to find the best possible architecture and, consequently, a technical specification. Ideally, the technical specification becomes a detailed backlog.

When UnSeen Labs reaches its conclusion, you will have factual information to support your investment decision. With this information, you can seek investment for the development project and choose your partners. We can be involved in your development project in various roles, but participation in UnSeen Labs do not obligate to it.

The UnSeen Labs process is tailored to your specific needs. We call this the secret formula of productization:


We find out what your customers really need. We brainstorm the best solution options and create a plan for their implementation.


We turn the concept into reality. We test the concept with a UI demo, prototype, or pilot marketing.


We refine the concept based on feedback from your customers. We analyze the functionality of the technology and its business potential.


The results are available, and you decide: whether to take the solution to the market right away or to further polish it into an even stronger diamond.

Exceptions require exceptional measures

Sometimes, the established and straightforward UnSeen Labs process may not be suitable. As you will see below, we are prepared for such situations as well.

When an idea needs concretization – UnSeen Buzz

Sometimes, external facilitation is needed to shape the life cycle of projects. We have encountered situations where the business need or idea is not yet concrete and structured enough to be progressed within UnSeen Labs. To find a solution, the problem must first be formulated.

We assist in finding direction and shaping the problem through the UnSeen Buzz service. UnSeen Buzz is a lightweight approach based on open discussion to identify and solve product development challenges. In practice, we only need one joint planning meeting. After that, we crystallize the goal and innovate implementation routes that adapt to your operating environment. With this information, it’s easy for you to enter the productization process of UnSeen Labs.

When technical readiness is uncertain – PoC Prototype

It is true that investigating customer interest and proof of marketability is futile if technical capability and functionality are entirely unclear. In such cases, it is wise to first examine and test the technical solution with a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) prototype. Once the technology is proven, we can return to the straightforward productization process of UnSeen Labs.

Why choose UnSeen Labs?

We have over 20 years of experience in productization and product development. Based on this experience, we have created a template that allows us to explore and refine your business needs and challenges. The result is that you can make investments that yield successful outcomes in the market.

Our secret weapons are user experience and a realistic understanding of technology application. Based on our experience, few off-the-shelf solutions align with business objectives. Therefore, we believe in the power of effective customization.

We aim to develop sustainable digital solutions that serve business objectives and generate positive results. In practice, this means:

  • Creating new functionality in existing products
  • Utilizing operational processes more efficiently
  • Automation
  • Integration
  • Workflow optimization and minimizing waiting times
  • Preventing production downtime or minimizing its duration
  • Increasing energy efficiency and maximizing cost savings
  • Improving workplace safety
  • Increasing upselling opportunities from new business initiatives
  • And many other business needs – contact us!

Leave the technology to us

Our principle is that as our client, you don’t have to worry about the technical side of our service. We select the best operational models that suit your situation and ensure that tools and technology work smoothly—allowing you to focus on what matters. However, if you’re interested, you can peek under the hood and familiarize yourself with the technologies and software solutions we most commonly use.