We are UnSeen

Our roots run deep in product development, innovation and design. While UnSeen was founded in 2015, we have solved product development challenges for more than two decades. Over the years, we have learned that it takes more than a pen and paper to uncover the potential of ideas.

Now we want to share what we have learned by helping our customers turn their ideas into products and services that they can launch onto markets with success and confidence.

2015 company founded

>100 completed projects

ideas and innovations

1 mind-controlled elevator

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Story of Preproductization

So far, we have worked with clients on both agile experiments and wide-scale product development projects. In several UnSeen Labs we have tested whether a particular technology works or not and built massive amounts of various prototypes and proof-of-concept solutions. With agile experiments, our customers have been able to test the potential of their ideas and understand how their customers will perceive them. After identifying the winning solutions, we have helped further develop and launch them.

After witnessing how different business domains work and taking deep dives into various business models, we are more convinced than ever that validating and testing ideas is critical for business success. This is why we created Preproductization (Koetuotteistus).