Productization and Product Management

A functional and healthy business model requires that developed solutions do serve the customer’s needs. This applies to both acquiring new customers, creating new business, and improving existing customer relationships for increased revenue.

Insuring investments can be a complex task, but there are tools for it. Customer-driven productization gives you an unfair competitive advantage.

We seamlessly integrate into your team

Our philosophy is to help our clients succeed in both business and achieving their own goals. We offer our expertise as part of the team in whatever role is needed. We bring along our tools and knowledge. So, we’re the best friend of a business responsible or product manager.

Out-of-the-box perspective

Our service is highly flexible. Our collaboration can start with a few hours of brainstorming and mentoring, or it can be more long-term, providing strategic guidance or executing an entire project.

An external perspective, persistent attitude, the ability to see things “outside the box,” and a combination of vast experience propel your project to success. Our goal is to help you and your project perform better.

Even complex projects can be tamed with our experts

With experience from numerous development and preproductization projects, we know how to bring projects to completion, staying on schedule and avoiding pitfalls. Here are some practical examples how we can help you:

  • Mentoring and an external perspective for your team or help in solving emerging problems
  • Assistance in refining strategy and roadmap
  • Help in conceptualizing and planning the implementation of new products and services
  • Support in selling your ideas within your organization
  • Aid in creating plans, schedules, and prioritization

With a knowledgeable technology partner, you won’t even notice the presence of technology

Sometimes technological solutions are almost ready-made, and sometimes they need to be built almost from scratch. We investigate the starting situation for you.

Smart technical solutions are implemented in a way that businesses don’t have to worry about the functionality of the technology. As a technology partner, we validate the right technologies and integrate them into your offering. We understand various operating models comprehensively and utilize modern and well-tested tools.

Our principle is to maximize the potential for satisfied customers. Your responsibility is to approve a suitable schedule, development, and testing budget.