UnSeen Buzz – Crystallizer

Complex and dynamic operating environments, challenging situations, and time constraints often lead to unwanted slowness where assistance is needed to support your team.

Knowledgeable facilitation expedites a better understanding of the project lifecycle. We have encountered situations where the business need or idea is not yet concrete and structured enough to start advancing its solution. To find the path to a solution, the problem must first be formulated.

We crystallize the goal and innovate suitable implementation routes

We assist in formulating the problem or goal and finding the path forward through with our UnSeen Buzz service. UnSeen Buzz is a lightweight way to identify and solve challenges in product development through open discussions. In practice, we only need one common planning meeting of a maximum of 3 hours.

After the joint meeting, we crystallize the goal and innovate implementation routes that fits to your operating environment.

Based on the results of UnSeen Buzz, you will have a good understanding of what steps to take next to advance your idea.