Beamex: UnSeen Labs gave confidence on risks and challenges

UnSeen Labs prototype was used to evaluate technical risks in a completely new product and if product development was feasible. UnSeen Labs project helped Beamex to move forward and gave a good general view on how to continue with the project.

“The risks and challenges in the product development were evaluated with UnSeen Labs. Building the prototype helped us move forward and we received a good general view on how to continue with the project,” summarizes Jyrki Mikkola, Director, Product Development and Technology at Beamex.


“Product development at Beamix is highly valuated and the role is bigger than in the same sized companies in general. Innovation is supported throughout organization and the tools and process exist for this,” tells Mikkola.


The ideas for product development often get started based on interaction with the customers or by following actively new technologies. Beamex is looking for solutions to customers’ existing challenges or completely new product features, which customers are able to offer to their end users. Use cases are made to describe the idea and customers’ challenge, which needs to be solved.

“Even though the product development at Beamex is based on customers’ needs, our aim is to be proactive: the new product feature could be something the customer has’nt even recocnized yet. We are able to add extra value for our customers,” says Mikkola.

In product development, schedules are usually challenging and the process should be feasible in reasonable time. The demand from the market is often strong, but the product development time span is long. Beamex had an idea of completely new product and they wanted to speed up the development process. The aim was to find out what was overall the best way to make the product.


At Beamex, the principle in the product development is ”fail fast”. The earlier the eventual problems are noticed, the better. Intention is to utilize agile experiments even more.

With UnSeen prototype and agile methods, it was quick and cost effective to discover if the considered solution worked as planned. The technically most challenging problem was chosen for testing to find out if it was feasible. This way it was possible to examine if the original idea works in practice.



UnSeen Labs created a proof-of-concept, which helped in discovering that the idea works and the goals set for the product could be met. With the help of building the prototype and breaking few parts in the process, UnSeen gathered valuable information about how the original idea was to be developed to get the final product work in optimal way.

Creating a prototype helps in finding the critical facts in the product development as quickly as possible and focusing on features with the biggest risks. If risks exist, it is easy to identify them with the prototype, and decide if the product is worth developing anyhow and how the risks can be managed.

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