2 Practical Ways to create success with Preproductization

Preproductization can be utilized in various ways in pursuing new business opportunities. But how should you get started with preproductization? How do you practically seek evidence of a product or service’s marketability?

Next, we reveal two tried-and-true secret weapons that will help you succeed in implementing preproductization.

1. Utilize an Interactive User Interface as an Icebreaker

Do you want to make your current and future customers fall in love at first sight with your newly launched product, feature, or service? Or do you want to sell your idea within your company to get a budget?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, and your idea involves interaction between the user and the device, an interactive prototype demonstrating the functionality of the user interface is a valuable tool for your purpose. It’s a quick, low threshold start that generates buzz from the beginning, without the need for a single line of software code.

This requires a small investment of your time, but the productization processes and experts ensure that your investment is profitable for you. As a result, you will have a functional user interface customized to showcase your solution and support your business goals. With the feedback received, we can together contemplate the next step on the development path.

2. Demonstrate Concept Functionality with a Prototype

What could create more excitement and anticipation than a tactile prototype that delivers customer value in a real-world setting? It encourages feedback and, in the best-case scenario, leads to applause.

A prototype can showcase a new feature of a product or service or create a complete end-to-end experience. The prototype serves both customer engagement and feature exploration. A well-executed prototype also gathers data on how it is used.

All of this means potential leverage, making it easy to seek investment approval or sufficient funding. In the best case, you may gain your first customers by showcasing the prototype—or at the very least, it’s possible that a customer won’t want to return their prototype…

Experience Productization Beforehand with Preproductization

With the help of these two secret weapons, we have successfully launched several projects. If needed, our toolkit contains other effective methods, and we are ready to innovate entirely new ways to advance your project.

If you’re not yet sure how to proceed, the UnSeen Buzz service is exactly what you need. It’s a lightweight implementation that doesn’t solve the current challenge but helps outline the next steps on the development path. Contact us — we and our crystal ball are ready!

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