Bluetooth 5 in Real Life Tests

We help people and companies to turn their tech ideas into experiments and real products, as you can see from our customer stories. Naturally, this requires wide understanding on quite number of technologies. This time we took a deep dive into new Bluetooth 5.

As said, Bluetooth 5 is pretty fresh, new standard, it was released officially in December 2016. Component manufacturers are just coming up with their new chipsets and software. The underlying idea of the new Bluetooth version is to enhance the functionality for the IoT. This is obviously big, growing market segment and Bluetooth wants to stay in the game. The key improvements in Bluetooth 5 release are:

  • Quadrupled range
  • Doubled speed
  • Increased data broadcasting capacity by 800% compared to BT4

To understand better how these promises are met, we took the latest hardware and software it to real-life tests.
View the results and DOWNLOAD Bluetooth 5 Real Life Test Report here:

Download the report


You can also find the key learnings from video below.

More details on test arrangements in different environments are shown in videos on our YouTube channel:

Bluetooth 5 test: Building 
Bluetooth 5 test: Watch Tower
Bluetooth 5 test: Lake

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