Service Design and User Experience

At the core of technological service design is creating a service or product that strikes a cost-effective balance between customer experience, service provider’s business, and the necessary technological solution.

In the design process, customer needs are clarified, data flow is outlined, and an excellent user experience with visually stunning and error-free user interface is constructed. When executed well, the end result is a validated service or product, along with requirements for the technological solution.

Precision and cost-effectiveness

Effective technological service design starts with understanding the entire chain. It revolves around the customer (your customer), your business goals as a service provider, and the appropriateness of technological development. When done well, services or products acquire the right features, and cost-effectiveness in technology development is achieved by focusing on functions that truly add value.

Exploring the new or enhancing the existing

We have identified three different starting points where we have offered assistance in progression.

  • Develope an entirely new service
  • Create a new service business from an existing product
  • Start improving an existing service or product to better serve the changed market, customers, and support the service provider’s new business goals

We are happy to help choose the appropriate path considering the business situation and operating environment.

Seamless and sustainable service

We offer solid expertise from small consultations to long-term partnerships and development work. Our experts are at your service. Here are some key terms that practically describe what we offer.

  • Service Design
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • UI Design
  • Branding & Graphic Identity
  • Product Management
  • Project Management