Software Development and Data

Smart technology solutions are implemented in a way that business don’t have to worry about the functionality of the technology. As a technology partner, we validate the right technologies and integrate them into your offering. We understand various operating models comprehensively and utilize modern and well-tested tools.

Our principle is to maximize the potential for satisfied customers. Your responsibility is to approve a suitable schedule, development, and testing budget.

Precision and Better Service

UnSeen executes complex projects with solid expertise. We do development work either as an independent development team or by providing experts as part of your project team.

As a development partner, we are flexible, with the ability to see both the big picture and refine the details. Our inexhaustible spirit of innovation generates ideas throughout the development process.

We seek solutions and implementation models that improve the precision of project outcomes. We respond agilely and innovatively to changing situations and shifts in customer needs. We offer speed and certainty in decision-making. If your idea is not yet fully formed or you want more certainty for an investment decision, explore our Preproductization and Service Design services.

Software Development

Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • Web and mobile applications (full stack)
  • Device-centric Linux development and integration
  • Wireless connections (e.g., Bluetooth, Wirepas)
  • System integrations where software, platforms, data, and/or devices are made into a functional end-to-end solutions.

We can implement software solutions as prototypes as well as production-ready.

Various Benefits from Data

Utilizing data is a prerequisite for innovation. Data can be used as support for development, where existing user data is analyzed to determine what new features are worth implementing. Another perspective is creating entirely new business models from data. In both cases work starts with data wizards analyzing the data.

Once we understand how to leverage data in creating customer value, it’s time to implement the best ideas into production. Typically, the solution involves using either a mathematical algorithm or machine learning/artificial intelligence.