Juhani Hakosalo enjoys learning new things at UnSeen

Did I choose programming or did programming choose me?” Jussi was interested in career as a fireman, but ended up in ICT-business. At the age of 15, he got his first computer, Commodore 64, which he used in programming games and useful applications. Jussi ended up studying electrical engineering and automation. A diploma work place was found at Nokia where he spent 20 years in variable programming, software development and project management tasks.

Jussi is a curious person and thinks everything from an optimistic perspective, even though he is originally from Pori, a town not exactly known for it’s positive atmosphere. His work mates agree and tell that Jussi is energetic and friendly person who always takes others into account. “Jussi has a positive aura around him. Every day he shows ability to throw himself to the unknown, when finding the right solutions to customer’s problems”.

Work at UnSeen

After seeing the corporate life at Nokia, Jussi now enjoys working in a smaller company. “UnSeen offers diverse and variable tasks and a possibility to learn new technologies.”

The greatest thing in programming is that you are able to use your creativity. The desirable end solution can be achieved in different ways. Problem solving suits to my personality. The work is rewarding, as you will get immediate feedback from finding a solution. It is good to receive feedback regularly in sprint reviews as well as almost daily from the customer. In long term, it is great when customer’s product succeeds commercially. You see your own code widely in use,” tells Jussi.

Place to learn

UnSeen as a working environment is dynamic, flexible, youthful and supportive. Since the company is small, everyone sits in the same office. There are no unnecessary processes, thus people discuss about the work interactively. UnSeen is very different from the working environment in large corporations,” tells Jussi.

At UnSeen, there is a chance to work with diverse tasks, e.g. with embedded development, full-stack web development, native applications, different cloud service applications, implementations for different operating systems including mobile operating systems. “It’s great that you can actually work in projects, where both the device and software are developed within the same team,” tells Jussi.

Initiative and independency are needed, as in every small company. Even after long experience in programming, there are no ready-made solutions for everything, so things must be learned and developed. At UnSeen, there is a possibility to study new technologies with online courses. ”I enjoy learning new stuff constantly and that the work is variable. During the first six weeks at UnSeen I learned more than over the previous six years,” says Jussi.