KONE and UnSeen created experiment on mind-controlled elevator

KONE DX Experiments seeks bold ideas

What is the best way to inspire others to innovate? By showing an example. We got invited to work with unprecedented ideas and build a mind control for KONE’s elevators.

Global KONE DX Experiments campaign presents opportunities to create new, even crazy, solutions for people flow and make daily life easier. Open platform provides an opportunity for outside developers to create new innovations and services into the building ecosystem. You never know if your idea could reach the whole world.

You can find new great ideas everywhere. UnSeen helps by building experiments, testing them in real world and taking to the market. When KONE reached us, we took up the challenge to build an experiment on mind-controlled elevator.

At first the idea sounded like a science fiction, but when you think about a bit further you realize it doesn’t. In future, what kind of help it could provide for people with limited mobility or disabilities?  Many times, when you build a prototype on an idea, other people understand it better and it finds a whole new tailwind.

The work built on KONE’S digital platform and secure, open API’s, with which we had worked before. The biggest mystery, of course, was to take over that thought-reading side. Measuring electronically the function and activity of brain neurons is a decades-old science. It has been possible since the beginning of the last century. Today, this activity information can be processed by artificial intelligence technology and thought patterns can be combined to provide functions, in this case elevator control. This measurement data is unique to each person and the functions are ‘taught’ to the data processing software.

Overall, the project was fun, and we were able to combine technology with human life in a new way. And at the same time, of course, learn from a whole new area!

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Esa Alanen
UnSeen CEO