Tikkurila: Radical innovation with UnSeen Labs

To speed up an innovation process, Tikkurila capitalized UnSeen Labs’ technology knowledge in creating the prototype to demonstrate new ideas. The prototyping was an easy and quick way to find out if the ideas could be developed further, and to choose the optimal technical solution to execute them. The agile way of doing things also cuts costs.

“This is a new way of working in Tikkurila and we are very happy to be able to test such new methods. We are satisfied with the cooperation with UnSeen Labs and looking forward to work with them in the future,” says Wojciech Komala, Innovation Director at Tikkurila.



“The biggest challenge in radical innovation projects is often to sell the idea inside the organization,” says Minna Ervasti, Innovation Specialist at Tikkurila. Other barriers in starting the development project, can be fear of failure, fear of investing money or lack of time and people.

Tikkurila is known as the leading paints and coatings company, who ensures the best possible user experience with its’ high-quality products and extensive services. Innovative way of thinking is encouraged throughout the organization. Innovation can be anything that brings extra value to Tikkurila’s business and their customers. The focus is on listening the clients when developing new solutions

To enhance the innovation processes, Tikkurila has deployed Design Thinking methodology, which is a client-oriented approach. The ideas are created and iterated based on frequent feedback, prototyping and testing in the process. Design Thinking is a great way to assure the value of the idea and the innovation project internally, as the clients are listened throughout the process.


An essential part of Design Thinking is to create a prototypes. In Tikkurila, prototype can be an image, video, process image or a description, where the idea is demonstrated. In the pilot case with UnSeen Labs, a concrete and touchable prototype was created, which really made the difference.

It was mind-opening to see what really is possible to achieve with the selected technologies,” says Ervasti. “Prototyping with UnSeen was a quick and easy way to proceed with the project.” The internal research would have taken time and resources. The prototype process gave important information about the technology selections, options of how to implement the idea and suggestions for the optimal solution. Overall, the prototype confirmed Tikkurila’s thoughts if the solution could be carried out as hoped for.


The prototype helped to evaluate in which direction to lead the development. The aim, to solve what can be done and how, was accomplished. “Based on the prototype and earlier knowledge from the project, we have already developed a new business model,” tells Ervasti. The chosen solution and development plan will be introduced internally to get the “green light” from the management.

For more information, please contact: CEO Esa Alanen +358 50 4874 092, or go to UnSeen Labs to see how you can move your innovations forward.