Cultural principles at UnSeen

We want to be the best possible partner for our customers and the best possible workplace for our employees. By combining these two, we create a positive spiral that promotes the success of all parties involved. Here’s what this means in practice:

Quality as a trademark

Flexible craftmanship

We always take pride in our work. Our secret is never taking the easy way as granted or relying on guesswork – we truly want to discover the very best solution for both our customers and their customers. We take initiative and look into the future: our job is to proactively identify potential challenges and make plans to avoid them. If we see something that needs improvement in our work, we make the improvements even if it means that we must double our efforts to meet the deadline. In the best-case scenario, this leads to standing ovation in the customer presentation.

As there rarely is a single 100% correct solution, flexibility is written in our DNA. Instead of being micromanaged, everyone can select the tools, technologies and working methods they prefer. We encourage thinking outside the box as long as the ideas turn into tangible customer benefits. Flexibility also means that our work is not fixed to a certain time or place – we believe that work should match your personal life and not the other way round. What’s most important is that we deliver projects with high quality and on schedule. 

Openness to improvement

Instead of building ivory towers and closed cabinets, we swear by accessibility and open doors. Everything starts with openness: whether someone comes up with development ideas or wants to point out flaws, both need to be spoken out loud. This is the only way to learn and improve together. Even though we speak for continuous improvement, we also take time to celebrate our successes.

A marriage of routines and unseen challenges

It is extremely likely that you will work in a project that makes you challenge yourself with new technologies or new responsibilities. No matter if you are working on previously unseen innovations or everyday routines, you will continuously learn more and more about customers and their businesses. While learning new is simply inevitable, we will give you time for the learning process and make sure the learning curve stays well-suited for you.